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Lightyears Events by Christian Klepp


July 2019: Seasurfer Live on Stage in Ilmenau supported by Christian Klepp

A light show with artwork projections by Christian Klepp from Lightyears Photography was presented at the Seasurfer concert in Baracke 5 in Ilmenau, Germany, on 6 July 2019. Seasurfer is the Hamburg based Dreampunk and Dreampop band around mastermind Dirk Knight.

The video shows the Seasurfer concert in Ilmenau, Germany on 6 July 2019 with Dirk Knight on the guitar together with singers Apolonia (middle) and Julila (in the foreground) performing their song "Stay Now" with my yet unrelased new image called "Flaming Dunes" taken in Nambung, Western Australia. The image to the right shows my Icelandic ice cave photography called "The Crystal Grotto" projected in the background of the Seasurfer concert.

April 2019: Christian Klepp supports Seasurfer Live on Stage in Porto

The Seasurfer concert in the Hard Club in Porto, Portugal, on 7 April 2019 featured a light show with artwork projections by Christian Klepp. Seasurfer is a Hamburg based Dreampunk and Dreampop band.

The video shows Seasurfer performing their song "We Run" in Porto, Portugal, with my yet unrelased new image called "The Ghost Coast". This photography is taken on the Reykjanes peninsula on Iceland at dusk. The very long exposure blurs the high waves crashing ashore into a ghostly patterns that nicely contrasts to the black volcanic basalt boulders and rock spires. Mastermind Dirk Knight performs on the guitar while Apolonia (middle) and Julila (right) are adding their angelic vocals.

January 2019: Lightyears Live on Stage with Seasurfer

Where Is My Mind? presents: SEASURFER meets LIGHTYEARS Live in Hamburg 29 March 2019.

Christian Klepp presents images live in concert with Seasurfer

Artist and landscape photographer Christian Klepp from Lichtjahre is supporting the Seasurfer concert with projections presenting his images of the Milky Way and nightime landscapes under the stars.

Nambung pinnacles with the Milky Way Mt. Blanc and Lac Cheseries under the Milky Way

Seasurfer are often referred to as Cocteau Twins 2.0. Now a featured album with guest singer Elena Alice Fossi from Kirlian Camera will be released, followed in summer by the next longplayer with their own singers Apolonia and Änni Bird. The sound of Seasurfer is Dreampunk and Dreampop with electronic sounds and their very own noise.

All 2019 Seasurfer concerts in Hamburg, Porto and Ilmenau are underlined by the artwork of photographer Christian Klepp from LightYears.

November 2018: TV interview with Christian Klepp

Deutsche Welle is broadcasting the Lichtjahre interview with Christian Klepp on their TV format Euromaxx and are also presenting seven of my images on their Facebook page.

"Lightyears - Where Geoscience Meets Art: Christian Klepp is actually a geoscientist, but as a photographer, nature also fascinates him. He travels all over the world to remote places to photograph cliffs, canyons, mountains and glaciers. But the motif alone is not enough for him: he always wants to photograph the spectacular landscapes in a special light. The result: almost too beautiful to be true!"

Christian Klepp during a photo flight over the New Zealand Alps

March 2018: Live TV interview and film with Christian Klepp

See me again on TV, this time in a live interview about Lichtjahre, Friday, 16 March, 16:15 on the NDR channel in the format called Mein Nachmittag. Aufn Schnack mit Naturfotograf Christian Klepp

Christian Klepp during a photo flight over the New Zealand Alps

The Northern German TV station NDR broadcasted a 3:50 minute documentation film about me and my Lichtjahre photography project on Monday 5 March 2018 in their talk show format called DAS! The Lichtjahre film is embedded in an interview with special guest, Dirk Steffens, from the German TV nature documentation Terra X - Faszination Erde on ZDF (Second German TV channel). Please note, that it is in German language. Many thanks to Sara Makus and the film team for this great opportunity and amazing experience.

Together with the NDR TV crew we produced a Lichtjahre - Where Geoscience Meets Art - documentation film! I am very excited about that! We had a very enjoyable but freezing cold day with the NDR film team at the North Sea beach of St. Peter Ording, Northwestern Germany. The film contains the story of Lichtjahre, the making of an image, an interview, stories behind the images and of course many of my images. Many thanks to Sara, Dirk and Thorsten for the awesome day!

January 2018: TV film about OceanRAIN

The Northern German TV station NDR produced a 3:50 minute documentation film about my OceanRAIN project and broadcasted it on 17 January 2018 in their talk show format called DAS! with special guest Sven Plöger. The film was produced onboard the German research icebreaker Polarstern in October 2017. Please note, that it is in German language. Many thanks to Sara Makus and the film team for this great opportunity and amazing experience.

November 2017: TV Interview with Christian Klepp

The Initiative Pro Klima by Mabanaft is funding my OceanRAIN project since 10 years! They are highly decidated to protect the environment and to support research. In doing so, they are also recurrently supporting reforrestation projects in the vicintiy of Hamburg, Germany. On 11 November I had the honor to join the planting activity of another 5000 trees in the Klövensteen forest. A film about the reforrestation was produced that day explaining the importance of forests and their ability to store water. I contributed an interview in highlighting the importance of the global water cycle and its impact on local ecosystems. Please note, that it is in German language. Many thanks to Tanja Thiele, marketing manager of Mabanaft for the joyful day and experience.

October 2017: OceanRAIN conference presentaion by Christian Klepp

In this YouTube video I am providing a 25 minute overview presentation on my scientific profession, the OceanRAIN project. It was recorded during the World Meteorological Organizatiopn (WMO) International Conference on Automatic Weather Stations (ICAWS) at the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach, Germany in October 2017. OceanRAIN, the Ocean Rain And Ice-phase precipitation measurement Network, is the first systematic and comprehensive data collection of rain and snowfall from eight research vessels operating over the global oceans. Moreover, OceanRAIN provides all water cycle parameters as well as meteorological and oceanographic parameters along the ship tracks. The most important parameters are the evaporation (E), precipitation (P) and the resulting freshwater flux (E-P). The OceanRAIN data is mainly used to verify satellite-derived precipitation products of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) era by the NASA Precipitation Measurement Mission (PMM) and JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Therefore, the OceanRAIN and GPM mission contributes to advancing our understanding of Earth's water and energy cycle.

February 2007: Lightyears show in Hamburg's Planetarium

LightYears Presentation

Friday, 23 February 2007, 7:30pm, Presentation at the planetarium Hamburg

The planet is wild

We use to see our planet as a quiet and unchanging place. Occasional volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or tsunamis remind us upon the Earths inner activity. Barely noticed by humans, the planet constantly changes its appearance within geological space of times. Oceans and mountain ranges form and disappear, rivers carve out deep canyons, forest and glaciers alternate through the warm and cold periods of the ice ages. Events that cause marks - marks written in stones - that geologists can read like within a book. The meteorologist and geologist Dr. Christian Klepp shows and tells stories from Earths wild geologic history through nature photography from the most remarkable and beautiful places of our planet.

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