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Lightyears Blog by Christian Klepp

News Blog of Christian Klepp

Last update 04 September 2019
Online since 11 April 2006

August 2019: Welcome to my new website!

2019 is an eventful year for me. At the beginning of the year I took the decision to merge my 20 years of professional experience in Earth System Research and Climate Research with my 26 years of experience in passionate landscape photography. In preparation to become a full-time professional landscape photographer with the aim of geoscientific knowledge conveyance to the public, I completely redesigned and updated my existing website to I am delighted to be able to present my new website today.

Looking back and looking ahead is moving me profoundly: My photographs have been online for more than 13 years now and during this time they have always been a little shadowed by my time-consuming but incredibly exciting scientific career. There were moments during this time when I wondered if all the effort was justified and if my own progress was significant enough. On a year to year scale, the answer to this question was not always satisfactory. But looking at the development over the last 10 years, the answer looks very different. The achievements of the last 10 years are thoroughly satisfactory and more than significant.

In 2006 I uploaded my own website for landscape photography. That was only one year after I bought my first digital camera - the 8 Megapixel Canon 20D, a revolutionary camera at that time. It was also the time when I started to realize that concentrating on a few photo locations with a lot of time leads to a considerably higher image quality. To be in these places at dusk, at night and at sunrise, to visit these places again and again until the light was finally perfect, was my new approach and led to new insights and my very own style of image composition and photography. The mobile star tracking system AstroTrac, with which I can take six-minute exposures of point stars on both hemispheres, was another milestone. The Canon 5D MkII, purchased in 2009, helped to raise the bar for image resolution. In the last 13 years I have been able to realize 24 photographic tours around the globe with a pure focus on geosciences and landscape photography. I've had the good fortune to meet and work with many great photographers in the field, and I'm very glad that some of them have become long-time friends. One thing that has increasingly fascinated me in recent times is star-tracking panoramic photography of the entire Milky Way arc over spectacular night landscapes with breathtaking resolution. Since July 2016 I've been working with the magnificent Canon 5DSR, while my Canon 5D MkII serves as a time-lapse video camera. I was also able to realize my first book, win several national and international photo awards, contribute a double page in the National Geographic book "Stunning Photographs" and publish my scientific work of the last years in the Nature magazine Scientific Data.

13 years ago, I never would have dared to dream of all these achievements. Now that I dedicate my life to the beauty of our planet and share my work with you through this website the social media channels, I look very forward to the challenges of the next 13 years.

My sincere and cordial thanks go to everyone who has supported me over the last 13 years and who never stopped believing in my dream of one day becoming a professional geoscientific landscape photographer.

July 2019: Seasurfer Live on Stage in Ilmenau supported by Christian Klepp

A light show with artwork projections by Christian Klepp from Lightyears Photography was presented at the Seasurfer concert in Baracke 5 in Ilmenau, Germany, on 6 July 2019. Seasurfer is the Hamburg based Dreampunk and Dreampop band around mastermind Dirk Knight.

Christian Klepp supports the 2019 Seasurfer concert in Ilmenau, Germany, with his image projections

The video shows the Seasurfer concert in Ilmenau, Germany on 6 July 2019 with Dirk Knight on the guitar together with singers Apolonia (middle) and Julila (in the foreground) performing their song "Stay Now" with my yet unrelased new image called "Flaming Dunes" taken in Nambung, Western Australia. The image to the right shows my Icelandic ice cave photography called "The Crystal Grotto" projected in the background of the Seasurfer concert.

April 2019: Christian Klepp supports Seasurfer Live on Stage in Porto

The Seasurfer concert in the Hard Club in Porto, Portugal, on 7 April 2019 featured a light show with artwork projections by Christian Klepp. Seasurfer is a Hamburg based Dreampunk and Dreampop band.

Christian Klepp supports the 2019 Seasurfer concert in Porto, Portugal, with his image projections

The video shows Seasurfer performing their song "We Run" in Porto, Portugal, with my yet unrelased new image called "The Ghost Coast". This photography is taken on the Reykjanes peninsula on Iceland at dusk. The very long exposure blurs the high waves crashing ashore into a ghostly patterns that nicely contrasts to the black volcanic basalt boulders and rock spires. Mastermind Dirk Knight performs on the guitar while Apolonia (middle) and Julila (right) are adding their angelic vocals.

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