Photographer Christian Klepp:
His photos turn the Earth into art

“Impressive water fountains, endless forests and green sparkling northern lights: our Earth is beautiful. Christian Klepp shares his love for our planet through fascinating photographs.”

“Christian Klepp has seen the most remote places on the planet. On his research trips, the geoscientist has gained deep insights into the landscapes and their formation – the wilder and more pristine the nature, the greater his enthusiasm. His thirst for knowledge coupled with his love of nature led him to study the Earth: first meteorology, geology and paleontology.”

Landscape photography turns the world into an artwork

“To focus on the Earth as a whole, he expanded studies to include astronomy and quantum physics. For 25 years he worked in climate research and then learned to “write with light”, i.e. to take photographs. Since then, he has been inspiring people with photographs of untouched natural landscapes and nighttime stellar worlds. Meanwhile, his profession as a geoscientist has merged with his passion as a landscape photographer. Christian Klepp tells SWR1 Leute how he inspires people with his love of planet Earth.

The video of the broadcast from 15.11.2022 at SWR1 Leute Baden-Württemberg