Earth’s changing climate – Sustainability as a pathway out of the crisis

In this keynote-lecture, climate researcher and landscape photographer Dr. Christian Klepp explains why the Earth and its climate are inextricably linked. We discover that in Earth’s history there have already been much stronger climate fluctuations compared to what we are experiencing today. In an equally impressive and understandable way, we also learn why the climate change caused by us humans is unprecedentedly dangerous and what the underlying problem of the climate crisis really is: It is not the too much-it is the way too fast! We humans are part of the Earth system, but we have fallen out of symbiosis with our planet. The effects this has on our planet are evident not only in the current climate crisis, but also in the destructive exploitation of Earth’s resources and the associated crisis of ecosystems, which is manifested in the dramatic decline of biodiversity. Dr. Christian Klepp gives a profound overview of the alarming state of Earth in the age of the Anthropocene and shows which consequences the climate change already has on our daily life and will have in the future. To this end, he has a wide range of tips and tricks to offer which each of us can implement immediately and which will even save us money and also bring us fun. We solve the problem only by inner insight and the desire of wanting to help. After this lecture you will also feel the desire to help.

Live on-site or online lecture of 30 to 90 minutes length with plenty of time for questions and answers.


Talk Content

  • The natural climate system
  • The vital greenhouse effect
  • How weather creates climate
  • Climate caprices in Earth’s history
  • Humans in the earth system
  • The present state of the Earth
  • Melting ice worlds
  • Rising sea levels
  • Decreasing biodiversity
  • Environmental destruction
  • How climate change amplifies extreme weather
  • Are we pushing the climate beyond tipping points?
  • Pathways out of the climate crisis
  • What each of us can do