Keynote speaker, geoscientist, landscape photographer, best-selling author and expert on the Earth system, the Earth’s climate and climate change: Dr. Christian Klepp inspires with his lectures in a vivid and fascinating way for our unique planet Earth.

The Earth’s climate is inextricably linked to all the components of our planet: The solid surface beneath our feet and the Earth’s interior, the oceans and atmosphere, the ice worlds of the polar regions and jagged mountain ranges, and the biosphere. Being a part of this biosphere, we humans are threateningly unbalancing the Earth system at a dangerous rate. Therefore, climate researcher Christian Klepp talks about the state of the Earth in the age of the Anthropocene and shows effective pathways out of the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis.

Christian Klepp brings his love for nature closer to the audience; he encourages and seeds energy to tackle the topics of sustainability, climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity. Without pointing fingers, instead with tips and tricks that everyone can immediately put into practice. Doing something for our planet is not only fun and saves money, it also makes it suitable for our grandchildren. Each and every one of us is asked to question our daily actions. Every daily act, no matter how small, becomes relevant with almost eight billion people. We are all decision-makers at all times. The inner insight to love our planet and treat it with respect is the change of perspective we need so that climate protection becomes something taken for granted in everyday life. For the animals. For the plants. For the Earth. For us.

Vividly, plausibly and comprehensibly, he takes the audience on an unforgettable journey across our planet and even into the Earth’s interior. A journey that clearly shows that the Earth does not need us humans at all, but that we are highly dependent on our planet.

As a climate researcher and landscape photographer, Christian Klepp has traveled the most remote corners of the globe. In his talks, he accompanies his experience in nature with his impressive photographs. As a geologist, Dr. Klepp also provides deep insights into the formation and evolution of the Earth, from the stardust between worlds that we are made of to the Earth’s constant change in its interior as well as its exterior. He vividly brings to life before our eyes what our Earth has already experienced through the fascinating stories of ancient rocks.

Both lectures shown below are possible as live on-site and online lectures, ranging from 30 to 90 minutes in length, as desired, and include sufficient time for questions and answers. Both presentations can be held in German and English language.

Vortrag Wunderwerk Erde von Dr. Christian Klepp

Wunderwerk Earth

Why we should love our planet

In this lecture, Dr. Christian Klepp takes us on a spectacular journey to remote places that reveal the perpetual change of Earth, inside and out, and of the climate …

Dr. Christian Klepp giving a lecture on the Earth system, climate change and sustainability

Earth’s climate change

Sustainability as a pathway out of the crisis

In this lecture, Dr. Christian Klepp shows how the earth and its climate are interconnected, why today’s climate change is so dangerous, and motivates to find pathways out of the crisis …