How our planet functions and why we should love it

In this keynote-lecture, geoscientist and landscape photographer Dr. Christian Klepp is taking us on a spectacular journey to remote places that reveal the Earth’s constant change – both internally and externally. The ancient rocks have become the memory of these constant changes. Unraveling their stories is one of the most exciting adventures. Christian Klepp leads the audience through all areas of the Earth system and relates them, piece by piece, to the climate of our planet. What is our Earth made of, where do its components come from, and how does our planet function? With a mixture of knowledge and personal experiences, documented with his breathtaking photographs, Christian Klepp conveys the unique beauty of nature and the complex workings of the Earth system to our hearts. Vivid, comprehensible and understandable, this lecture is a love poem for our planet and it clarifies for us the problem of the human-induced climate crisis. It becomes clear that we humans are only a snapshot in the history of the Earth and that the Earth does not need us at all – instead we are completely dependent on our planet. Good reasons why we as humanity have to deal with the Earth in a very sustainable way and why we should love it.

Live on-site or online lecture of 30 to 90 minutes length with plenty of time for questions and answers.


Talk content

  • How looking at the night sky reveals our origins
  • Why we are all astronauts
  • The uniqueness of Earth
  • Bacteria – our ancestors
  • Living rocks and the origin of oxygen
  • What the planet is made of
  • How continents break apart and oceans open up
  • The evanescence of the oceans
  • The ocean in the mountains
  • How weather shapes mountains
  • Climate roller coaster: Snowball Earth and Sauna Earth
  • Greenhouse effect and natural climate change
  • Then humans came along