Welt & Wir Live-Stream FASCINATION EARTH – The Wonders of our Planet

with Astrid Därr, Christian Klepp & Adrian Rohnfelder

Tuesday, 18 April 23 at 7:30 p.m.

in the Live-Stream at Welt & Wir

In this extraordinary live stream, we not only go to the edges of our EARTH, but literally through heaven and hell. Exploding thunderstorms, violent roaring fire mountains with over 1,000 degrees hot lava bombs, literally deadly desert regions in sand and ice, tropical downpours that get under your skin, steep and icy mountain peaks reaching up to the sky – on all seven continents we go on the trail of nature in its most extreme and at the same time most beautiful form.
To this end, we have invited three exciting guests to the studio. With them, we go in search of the secrets of our planet: What makes our Earth so unique? What makes Earth so fascinating, why is our planet different from all other known planets and what is the most beautiful place on earth…?
Around two hours of eye-opening insights, magnificent footage, gripping stories and personal travel adventures await us. Live in the WELT & WIR studio, geographer and adventurer Astrid Därr, professional photographer Adrian Rohnfelder and photographer and geoscientist Dr. Christian Klepp will be our guests – a concentrated load of travel experience, photography and geo-knowledge. All three present their best images and experiences in their live show and are available in conversation in between and afterwards for questions from the live chat and our host. After this show, the audience will know exactly why we should love our earth!

The trailer for the live-stream Fascination Earth at Welt &Wir.