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Lightyears Publications by Christian Klepp


December 2020: Covershooting for the new Seasurfer album Zombies

It was a great honor and pleasure for me to do the cover shooting for the Seasurfer double album „Zombies“ after the already great photo shooting for the last album. As always we had a lot of fun and I like to share some impressions of the shooting here with you.

The third album of the Hamburg-based Dreampunk-Shoegaze-Noisepop Band around mastermind Dirk Knight and singer Apolonia will be released on 11 December 2020 as a Double CD and is available through record stores, digital media and Bandcamp. SOS is the opener of the CD as well as the first single. The double CD contains the mini-album "The Dreampop Days" featuring Elena Alice Fossi from Kirlian Camera.

Cover of the new Seasurfer double album Zombies Christian Klepp performing the cover shooting for the new Seasurfer double album Zombies
Dirk Knight, Christian Klepp and Apolonia during the photo shooting for the new album Zombies The Seasurfers Dirk Knight and Apolonia during the photo shooting for the new album Zombies
Elena Alice Fossi and Dirk Knight during the photo shooting with Christian Klepp
Elena Alice Fossi from Kirlian Camera and Dirk Knight during the photo shooting with Christian Klepp.

December 2020: NDR interview about my photo exhibition in Hamburg

On the occasion of my photo exhibition in the Bürgerhaus in Hamburg Lokstedt, the Northern Germany based TV and radio station NDR interviewed me about my work and the background of how my photos were created. The interview was broadcast on 3 December, 19:00 on the NDR 90.3 Kulturjournal radio program. An online version of this interview with six of my photographs is published by the NDR.

I would like to thank Dr. Franziska Storch for the great interview in the Bürgerhaus.

NDR 90.3 radio interview with Christian Klepp about his photo exhibition in Hamburg Photo exhibition of Christian Klepps works in Hamburg

August 2020: Publication in Trierenberg Super Circuit book Quintessence

My image Arctic Gate is selected to be part of the new Trierenberg Super Circuit book Quintessence 2000-2020.

A quintessence of the concentrate of the photographic heritage of the 21st century up to now. Masterpieces from the world's largest photo art contest TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT are represented in this monument of photographic art. The 512 page hardcover edition in outstanding printing quality consists of more than 1000 reproductions. It is a never ending wealth of stunning ideas.

I feel very honoured to contribute to this book and would like to thank Chris Hinterobermaier for making this possible.

Trierenberg Super Circuit book Quintessence 2000-2020 On the frozen Jökulsárlón glacier lake in Iceland, the waxing moon peeks at dusk through a tall iceberg arch with stripes of black volcanic ash

July 2018: Video and Band Shooting with Seasurfer

I had the honor to photograph and film the Hamburg-based shoegaze post-punk and dream-pop band Seasurfer to help visualize and promote their new 4-track digital EP “Vampires”. The release date is 4 August 2018 via Saint Marie Records. The shooting and filming with Seasurfer's mastermind Dirk Knight and singer Apolonia was awesome fun and I have to admit that I love these new songs!

So here is Seasurfer's new song 'Into Dust' with our video. Enjoy Dirk's and Apolonia's angelic wall of sound and feel the passion!

You can order the digital Seasurfer EP called Vampires and get additional Saint Marie-demos of the songs.

June 2018: OceanRAIN published in Nature

In my main profession as a geoscientist, my OceanRAIN dataset, for which global ocean water cycle data were measured for seven years, has now been published in Nature's Scientific Data. Thanks to the rapidly growing dataset of already more than 6.8 million measurements, recorded by 8 ships, a clear picture is now emerging of the evaporation and precipitation along the ship tracks. The difference between these two parameters results in the freshwater flux – an essential parameter for climate models. The data set allows for the first time a detailed calibration and validation of state of the art satellite data and their products using OceanRAIN as the surface reference. OceanRAIN is therefore of considerable international interest for the long-term verification and improvement of the algorithms and products of the new NASA Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite era. OceanRAIN also significantly improves our physical knowledge of the global ocean water cycle. Researchers can now access the data online via the Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC) and the World Data Center for Climate (WDCC).

May 2018: New edition of the LightYears book

The 2018 edition of my LightYears coffee-table book is now available! It features a completely new Introduction section with information about me -- landscape photographer and scientific writer -- and the goals of my Lichtjahre project. Furthermore, the new book edition includes new images from my recent photographic tours, for example, from Western Australia's amazing landscapes underneath the vault of the Milky Way. Have a look into the book here! You can order your personal copy for 69.95 € with the choice of getting either the English or German version. Each image is accompanied by text describing the geology and features of the landscape pictured and contains all photographic meta-data and technical details.

December 2017: OceanRAIN data set published

My work of the last 10 years culminated in the release of the OceanRAIN version 1.0 dataset. The data is freely available at the World Data Center for Climate at the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ) in three data subsets: OceanRAIN-W water cycle components OceanRAIN-M precipitation microphysics OceanRAIN-R raw data

The data is also accessable via the Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC) at the University of Hamburg and through the International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG). IPWG is a permanent working group of the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (CGMS) in the framework of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

The OceanRAIN authors are: Klepp, Christian; Michel, Simon; Protat, Alain; Burdanowitz, Jörg; Albern, Nicole; Louf, Valentin; Bakan, Stephan; Dahl, Andrea; Thiele, Tanja.

OceanRAIN—the Ocean Rainfall And Ice-phase precipitation measurement Network—provides in-situ along-track shipboard data of precipitation, evaporation and the resulting freshwater flux at 1-min resolution over the global oceans from June 2010 to April 2017. More than 6.83 million minutes with 75 parameters from 8 ships cover all routinely measured atmospheric and oceanographic state variables along with those required to derive the turbulent heat fluxes. The precipitation parameter is based on measurements of the optical disdrometer ODM470 specifically designed for all-weather shipboard operations. The rain, snow and mixed-phase precipitation occurrence, intensity and accumulation are derived from particle size distributions. Additionally, microphysical parameters and radar-related parameters are provided. Addressing the need for high-quality in-situ precipitation data over the global oceans, OceanRAIN-1.0 is the first comprehensive along-track in-situ water cycle surface reference dataset for satellite product validation and retrieval calibration of the GPM (Global Precipitation Measurement) era, to improve the representation of precipitation and air-sea interactions in re-analyses and models, and to improve understanding of water cycle processes over the global oceans.

The image shows the ship tracks of the OceanRAIN data distribution for all eight research ships listed in (a), for the seasons (b), the years in which the data was collected (c) and the recorded precipitation type (rain, snow and mixed-phase) as well as true-zeros indicating where no precipitation occurred (d).

November 2017: Welt Newspaper article on LightYears and OceanRAIN

The German print and online newspaper Welt published an article about me, my climate research project OceanRAIN and my landscape photography project Lichtjahre. The article Die Vermessung des Regens auf den Ozeanen (Measuring precipitation over the global oceans) is in German language. Many thanks to Patrick Kiefer for conveying my work to the broad public.

September 2017: Abendblatt Newspaper article on OceanRAIN

The German print and online newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt published an article about my climate research project OceanRAIN. The article Die Regenfänger draussen auf dem Ozean (Chasing for precipitation over the oceans) is in German language. However, this article is also available in English as part of series of science reports to the broad public by the excellence cluster Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction (CliSAP) at the University of Hamburg. Many thanks to Franziska Neigenfind from CliSAP for the great teamwork in creating this article.

May 2017: Pastel-painting of my Icelandic image Crystal Grotto

Passionate painter Gabriele Henkel created this amazing large-size 120 cm x 90 cm pastel-painting of my Icelandic ice cave image The Crystal Grotto. It will be displayed in June 2017 during a vernissage at the Frauenzentrum in Erfurt, Germany.
Many thanks to Gabriele Henkel for this great artwork! It is very inspiring and joyful for me to see one of my images as such a beautiful large-format painting!

April 2017: Image in Extraordinary Vision Magazine

The April 2017 limited edition of Extraordinary Vision Outdoor Photography Magazine by Angelo Ioanides features my Zion Canyon image The Subway taken in June 2005 on the Colorado Plateau.

Many thanks to Angelo Ioanides for highlighting my image in his great magazine.

March 2017: Cover images for the new Seasurfer Album

Two of my Milky Way images are on the cover and inner cover of the new Seasurfer album, named Under the Milkyway...Who Cares. The cover image In Heaven who cares about Dreams showcases the majestic southern hemisphere Milky Way over the unearthly Western Australian pinnacles in Nambung. The inner cover of the album shows The Dawn of the Nightglory, with the Milky Way over the Alps highest peak, Mt. Blanc, mirroring in beautiful Lac de Cheserys.

Fine-art prints of these images are available in any size and finish.
You can order them via e-mail or through the contact form.

You can listen to the album here or visit the Seasurfer Facebook page.

It is a great honor having my images beautifying this album! I thank Dirk Knight for being part of this great piece of artwork and for all the inspirational conversations, great music and friendship. I love this dreamy wall of sound and it provides me with unlimited energy to follow my photographic passion! I would also like to thank singer Julia Beyer, who is also singer of German dreampop band Chandeen for adding that angelic touch to Dirks amazing noise!

January 2017: Article in Extraordinary Vision Magazine

The latest issue 48 of the Extraordinary Vision Outdoor Photography Magazine by Angelo Ioanides features the article "Between a Rock and a Light Place" on my photographic Lichtjahre work showcasing a portfolio of my favorite images. The cover of this issue shows my image The Spirit of Iceland.

The article and the magazine can be downloaded here.

I cordially thank Angelo Ioanides for making this possible and for the joyful time of writing the article.

June 2016: Online article on OceanRAIN at Geonova

Geonova, the Norway based geoscientist community, created to share information and knowledge about geoscience published an article about my climate research project OceanRAIN - Increasing our knowledge about oceanic precipitation.

"The geoscientist and photographer Dr. Christian Klepp from the University of Hamburg introduces OceanRAIN, an international research project based in Hamburg, Germany. The project aims at measuring high-quality rain and snowfall data onboard research vessels on the global oceans."

The value of OceanRAIN for the science community:

Precipitation, falling over the global oceans as rain, snow and mixed-phase, is among the most important climate variables and a key player in the global water cycle. However, precipitation is notoriously difficult to measure. To obtain precipitation maps with global coverage several times a day, only satellites can be used. However, satellites do not measure precipitation but a radiation field that has to be converted into precipitation using algorithms. Thus, the results depend on the algorithm applied. The differing precipitation estimates produced by several international research centers call for independent surface data for validation. This is where OceanRAIN comes into play being to date the only systematic long-term shipboard precipitation data collection effort. OceanRAIN utilizes a unique measurement system: an optical disdrometer that is specifically designed to measure onboard of ships under all weather conditions. Supplying the research community with this instrumentation and data set, OceanRAIN contributes to:

> improve the understanding of microphysical properties of precipitation,
> increase the knowledge of precipitation statistics,
> validate satellite and model precipitation products,
> analyze the errors in the satellite algorithms,
> calibrate shipborne and spaceborne precipitation radars.

Many thanks to Hans Gebauer from for making this possible.

June 2014: Salt magazine contribution

The Dutch magazine Salt used the image Anywhere out of this World.

April 2014: National Geographic book contribution

The National Geographics book Stunning Photographs showcases my image The Crystal Grotto.
Many thanks to National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths and Meredith Wilcox from National Geographic Books for making this happen.

December 2013: Junior magazine contribution

The German kids magazine Junior used the image The Crystal Grotto to explain the world of glaciers to kids.
I would like to thank Andrea Burgstaller from Junior Medien for making this possible.

July 2013: Kids sticker book contribution

The Austrian supermarket chain Billa produced a sticker book for kids on the wonders of Earth and used my image The Crystal Grotto.

February 2013: Globetrotter interview article

The Globetrotter portal 4-seasons is featuring a LightYears interview with Christian Klepp
including an online gallery of 20 Lichtjahre photographies.
I want to thank Philip Baues for his nice interview and the fruitful cooperation.

January 2013: Photography Week magazine contribution

The Xposure Issue 14 of Photography Week magazine features the Icelandic icescape image Nature's Artwork.
Thanks to Samantha Cliffe for the nice communication!

July 2012: Natur Photo magazine contribution

The image The Valley of the Ten Peaks is displayed in the July edition of the Natur Foto magazine.

Both English and German language versions of the LightYears book are now available. They can be orderered through this webpage on the book page .

May 2012: Fotocommunity magazine interview

The May 2012 issue of the German photo magazine Fotocommunity Plus features a six pages interview with five images of LichtJahre. The interview can be read as a pdf file. The magazine is available in kiosks and bookshops throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

December 2011: Max Planck Institute strategic plan contribution

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, uses three LightYears images in their 2020 VISION strategic plan that formulates the scientific goals and challenges that guide their future research.

January 2011: Stern View Spotlight interview

The eMagazine of the Stern View Spotlight highlights my photography work in their January 2011 issue with an interview and 18 images.

March 2010: Max Planck Institute website contribution

Six panoramic details of the LightYears photographies highlight the Earth System compartments on the new website of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany.

The Earth System components represented are Atmosphere, Land, Ocean, Cryosphere, Volcanoes and their interaction.

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) is an internationally renowned institute for climate research. Its goal is to understand the changing climate of our Earth. The homepage and all three departments "Atmosphere, Land and Ocean in the Earth System" display LightYears header images.

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