Chasing Stormlight into Midnight

Midsummer weather conditions are occasionally interrupted by thunderstorms in northern Germany. These occur either as isolated thermal thunderstorms or as approaching weather fronts with organized squall lines. Such a thunderstorm front passed across northern Germany during the summer solstice on 27 June 2020. It was caused by a low-pressure system over the British Isles. The cold front of this low-pressure system passed over Hamburg in a southwest to northeast direction. Intense thunderstorms with heavy rain were embedded in its narrow band of clouds.

The already brownish-yellow color of the corn was extremely enhanced by the intense yellow of the clouds. The rolling thunder further emphasized this dramatic scene. During the exposure, a strong gust of wind passed through the field and blurred the corn with the flowers into this picturesque scene. Soaking wet, I stood in wonder in the field and admired this gift from heaven and earth and watched retreating the thunderstorm until darkness fell.

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