Christian Klepp on 7 July 2023 at 10 pm in the NDR Talkshow.

In an interview with Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt and Barbara Schöneberger, the topic circles around the beauty of the earth and its protection: “For a good photo, no path is too far, no journey too dangerous, no strain too much. His mission: to capture the beauty of the world in photographs in order to create greater awareness of the fragility of the planet. Dr. Christian Klepp has been studying meteorology and geology at the University of Hamburg and pursued a doctorate in geosciences. He has worked as a lecturer and has been actively involved in international climate research for more than 20 years. During countless research trips to the most remote corners of the planet, he gains deep insight into the landscapes and their formation. For three decades, the award-winning photographer has used his camera to search for untouched landscapes on Earth. His thirst for adventure and deep love for the planet led him to merge his profession with landscape photography in 2019.”