Friday, 24 March 2023, 7 pm

Planetarium Laupheim near Ulm

Milchstraße 1

88471 Laupheim

Theme evening

  • Planetarium show “The Blue Planet”
  • Drinks with time for conversation
  • Lecture “Wunderwerk Earth” with Dr. Christian Klepp

Tickets for the show in German language:

16,00 € (reduced 12,00 €)

Wunderwerk Earth

At our theme evening on 24 March beginnging 7 p.m., the show “The Blue Planet” will take you on a journey through the history of the Earth’s origins, before geoscientist and landscape photographer Dr. Christian Klepp takes a more detailed look at the “Wunderwerk Earth” in his lecture. During the break between the show and the lecture, we invite you to a small drink with time for conversation with the speaker.

In order to understand the Earth in all its diversity and to deal with it in a sustainable and respectful way, we need to know how it works. Geoscientist and landscape photographer Dr. Christian Klepp has been exploring the complex workings of the Earth system for 30 years, discovering over and over again the unique beauty of our home planet. He captures his intimate moments in nature in breathtaking and photographs that have already won numerous awards. For some images he needed several years of patience to capture these very special light conditions.

Christian Klepp’s view of our planet bears witness to respect and deep love for the “Wunderwerk Earth”. With his special mixture of profound knowledge and personal experiences, he encourages his audience to value Earth anew and to decisively counteract the all-too-fast human-induced change.

Dr. Christian Klepp studied meteorology and geology at the University of Hamburg and received his doctorate in geosciences. He worked as a university lecturer and actively in international climate research for 25 years. During countless research expeditions to the most remote corners of the planet, he was able to gain a deep insight into the landscapes and their formation.

For 30 years now, Christian Klepp has also been photographing the untouched landscapes of our planet. His thirst for adventure and love for the planet led to the fusion of his profession with landscape photography in 2019.